Top 7 Reasons to Use Online Data Backup Services

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1. Threats Abound

One PC in every five will have a serious data loss in a given year, according to Garnter. This basically implies that the odds are better playing Russian roulette than running a business without backups!

2. Data Loss is Devastating

Seven in 10 small firms experiencing a major data loss go out of business within a year, according to Price-Waterhouse Coopers. Your data is a valuable commodity and it needs to be properly protected.

3. Online Data Backup Services offer an easy and automatic backup solution.

The whole process is very simple – it is very easy to backup because after the software is installed, it runs automatically at a preset time. In case of any calamity, the process of restoring your data from the backup is very simple. It is the perfect solution for non-techies as you never need to remember to perform a backup or take it offsite.

4. Online Data Backup Services are Fast

As the backups run during the night (or any preset time), and transmit only the compressed changes, they will not slow down the rest of your business. These even run on dial up / slow connections.

5. Online Data Backup Services are Offsite

The fact that your backup is not onsite protects it from fire, flood, theft, sabotage and human error. Local backups only protect against one type of risk: hard drive crash.

6. Online Data Backup Services is Secure

Your data is transmitted using bank-level 128-bit AES encryption and stored at two state-of-the-art, mirrored data centers with redundant power and bandwidth.

7. Online Data Backup Services are Full-Featured

These come with some advanced features such as Remote File Access, 10-Version Restore and Easy System Restore enabling you to operate your business without a hitch, in case of any data loss.

The material value of a computer is probably just a fraction of the value of the data contained within it. It doesn’t matter whether you are an individual or a business, loss of data can cause aggravation, loss of income and at the worst a total shutdown of a business.

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