Statewide Federal Credit Union – What You Need to Know About Statewide Credit Union

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What is statewide federal credit union, and should you deal with them when it comes to your finances? Here is a quick review to help you determine if they are the best organization to manage your money.

Unlike many credit unions, statewide only allows access to members of certain companies. For a full list of them, visit their website. This can actually benefit you by providing you with better customer service.

Whereas many credit unions, as I just stated, allow anyone and everyone aboard, statewide only enables members of particular companies, which reduces the total number of members, and helps them provide you with better service because they aren’t spread so thin.

So what do you get when you join a statewide federal credit union? You get virtually any financial service you need, such as Visa credit cards with rewards points (very important), online (or offline) banking, loans, IRA’s, etc. also, since the credit union is managed by its members, you can expect to receive the best interest rates possible, assuming you qualify with your credit.

Usually, these rates are between 10 and 18 percent, depending on your credit score, and you won’t find lower rates elsewhere.

Before signing up, of course, I’d highly recommend you check with co-workers already members of statewide federal credit union, and see how satisfied they are overall with the service they’ve received from them.

Just because they offer a lot of nice perks doesn’t mean you should invest your money with them; first take this important step, because there’s nothing like hearing straight from the current members.

The bottom line is, whether you join or not depends on whether you are a member of the accepted companies. If so, then you’d be hard pressed to find a company that manages your finances better than statewide federal credit union, or that provides you with better customer service.

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