Seniors Are Taking It Up In Droves

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More seniors are now taking to the internet than ever before as new technology makes using devices easier. The internet has made finding information so much easier and as Australia’s population ages more companies are finding benefits in providing services to this growing group.

Australia now has over three million senior citizens and with many now using the internet companies are now providing more services, products and information to this target audience.

Senior citizens are now using devices such as laptops and tablets to find information as well as using these devices to stay connected with family and friends using services such as Skype. Mobile phones with their internet connectivity are also becoming more popular as they not only allow seniors to stay connected but also offer the opportunity of taking photos and videos with the one device and as mobiles become more intuitive they become much easier to use.

Other devices such as Amazon’s Kindle are also becoming more popular as seniors can store a number of books on one device as well as having the opportunity to enlarge the font on the screen which has made reading easier than ever before.

To assist seniors learn how to use current technology there are a number of places that now offer free courses specially designed for this age group. Many local councils provide facilities for seniors to learn and use computers and there are also many community groups that run classes as well.

Telstra are also helping seniors by providing broadband for seniors portals nationally and several banks now offer to teach seniors how to do their banking online securely to make paying bills much easier than having to visit their bank or a Post Office.

The benefits of seniors using the internet and other technologies are many. They can find the latest information on just about any topic as well as being able to subscribe to local and national news feeds and other information of interest to them.

By using free services such as Skype they are able to stay better connected with loved ones and they also have the ability to pay their bills in a secure way from the comfort of their homes. This also means that they do not have to withdraw large sums of money to pay bills, which reduces the possibility of theft. All in all today’s technologies are helping seniors save time and money while keeping them better connected to information and people

Source by Gail Burton

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