Professional Mystery Shoppers

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Also known as secret shopping, mystery shopping is an easy way to make money. The main purpose of mystery shopping is to evaluate a company in terms of the level of customer service, product quality and employee performance.

Professional mystery shoppers are freelance shoppers usually hired by mystery shopping companies to visit customer service oriented businesses such as restaurants, hotels, stores, banks, amusement parks, gas stations, hair salons, and even web sites or the telephone industry. There are part time as well as full time professional mystery shoppers, trained to understand all aspects of the mystery shopping trade.

To evaluate the quality of customer service, professional mystery shoppers visit a concern anonymously and rate their client against a standard set of criteria. After evaluating the key areas of business operation, mystery shoppers prepare reports based on the data gathered during mystery shopping. Their reports help clients to identify the areas that require improvement. Professional mystery shoppers also indicate the need for incentives, bonus programs and training personnel.

Professional mystery shoppers are paid in the form of bank deposits, gift vouchers, checks or free products. The payment depends on the type of assignment and normally ranges from $10 to $100 plus per assignment.

Nowadays, there are countless numbers of mystery shopping companies that hire mystery shoppers. To get hired as a professional mystery shopper, one must sign a contract with a mystery shopping firm. Most of the mystery shopping companies can be contacted through their web sites.

Finding a professional mystery shopper on the Internet is fairly easy. Websites provide a list of companies that employ professional mystery shoppers in each area. Creative Image Associates, Inc., Barry Leeds and Associates, Certified Reports, Inc., Hotel Shopping Network, Coyle Hospitality Group, and Professional Review and Operational Shoppers, Inc. are some of the leading firms that offer professional mystery shopping services for hotels, restaurants and financial institutions.

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