Master Seductive Language Patterns To Generate Irresistible Attraction

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Most guys are worried about having the right things to say to a girl when they are talking to them. They are worried about impressing her with content, meaning the things they are saying.

Some guys even go so far as to routinely lie about themselves, hoping this will impress the girl. They’ll make up their bank accounts, their jobs, the kinds of cars they drive, and anything else that will make her think he’s attractive.

There are two major drawbacks to this. One is that it’s a short term solution. It can only last a short while. The second drawback is that it won’t generate genuine attraction. Attraction based on “content,” such as your bank account is not very emotionally satisfying. It’s like buying a car that has good gas mileage, plenty of safety features, and a solid warranty.

It makes sense on paper, but it’s not much fun to drive. By focusing on the content of your conversation, it’s like trying to look good on paper. Makes sense, but not much fun.

Instead, you’ve got to be exciting. You’ve got to move her imagination with your language, rather than your content. What does this mean? This means that you shouldn’t worry about your bank account or your car or where you live.

Instead, use language patterns that are designed to elicit her deepest emotions and move them through varying levels of excitement. This is the kind of attraction that they can’t resist, yet can’t explain.

One way to do this is to focus on getting her to describe how she feels certain things. Instead of getting her to tell you things about her job and her career, elicit certain feelings. Then get her describing these feelings.

When you do this, you’ll do two incredibly seductive things. One is that you’ll be talking about things that she’s never really thought of before. This will put you into a completely separate class of men, in her mind. This by itself will make you incredibly attractive, even if you are unemployed.

The second thing it will do is lead her into a hypnotic trance. Talking about, and labeling emotions is one thing. But describing how you feel those emotions, and how you move from one emotional state to the next is incredibly hypnotic. This will make her feel feelings that she never even though possible before.

This means you’ll reach that deep part of her that no other guys even know about.

Source by George Hutton

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