Irish Banks Ratings – What’s the Best Bank in Ireland?

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If you are looking for Irish Bank Ratings, keep in mind that there are plenty of banks to choose from – so many that finding the right one can be a real hassle.

That prevention information overloadhere are a review of the top ones NOW.

The Bank of Ireland (BOI)

This is one of the BIG 2 in the region– Allied Irish Banks (AIB) is the other. There are pros and cons to BOI so here they are.


#1) Customer service

This is one of their strong suits – which is rather surprising for a company so large. If you are a “face to face” person than you will love the service you get at most branches.


#1) Overdraft charges

One thing they have a tendency to do is to occasionally put “overdraft charges” on your account when your account is NOT overdrawn. Obviously you can usually make things right – but it’s a tremendous hassle to grow through.

#2) LONG lines

If you are a “face to face” person–and like managing your money at a physical branch–plan on bringing some reading material. All the online Irish Bank Ratings can attest to this.


This is the other of the BIG TWO.


#1) Many services

They are basically a “one-stop” shopping mall for financial services. Whether you want a loan… credit card… student account… even a “graduate account”… they have what you need.


#1) Customer service

This is probably their weakest point. As with most national companies, they do have customer service issues, and they aren’t the fastest financial institution around.

Quite simple, they aren’t the most organized branch around – and like BOI plan on waiting a while before talking to a teller.

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