How to Get Website Traffic or How to Increase Your Website Traffic

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As far as we all know the number-one challenge faced by brand-new internet business owners is how to get website traffic to their sites. Well if you don’t get traffic to your website, you won’t get any sales. It doesn’t matter if your product is the best in the world, if you don’t get traffic to your website and nobody can see it, then it’s like it doesn’t exist, right?

There are a lot of articles and websites out there that tell you or sell you information on how to increase traffic to your website, but most of them are just another scam and don’t work. Been there, right? I know I was! Well there are some companies that can help you out on that, but it always costs a lot of money and your hard work to get there. You can always buy traffic through the famous Google AdWords or something similar, it works but you will have to pay over and over to keep that traffic on your website.

Here are a few tips to help you start getting some free traffic without breaking the bank:

Number one is definitely Video Traffic.

I believe most people skip video marketing because of one problem, they don’t know how to create a video.

Creating a video for promotion is much easier than you think. You can

easily create it with free windows movie maker, or camtasia there is a trial version. How do we do that?

  • First go to and create an account.
  • Find a bunch of pictures related to your niche.
  • Get some pictures relevant to your niche.
  • Open up windows movie maker and drag the pictures into it. Keep on dragging more pictures and add some music to it to make the video more enjoyable. Maybe make some titles or credits, export the video for YouTube and there it is.
  • (there are a lot of videos on how to create a video in windows movie maker)

I know it doesn’t look as professional as some videos out there but that doesn’t really matter it will get the job done.


Don’t forget to put in your URL at the end of your new video, and be sure you watch it before you put it online.

When you’re done, upload the video to YouTube. YouTube will start to upload.

In the meantime you just

  • set up the title, description and put in tags. (It’s very important for you to put up a good long title.)
  • Then write in a detailed description of what the video is about, with all your keywords in it. Make sure that the description is longer than the title.
  • Create as many tags as possible
  • Choose a great thumbnail for your video, this is important! (The title and the thumbnail are the first thing that the user will see and it has to be good). And if you did a good job, many of your visitors will actually visit your link.

You can then go to a site like so that you can upload your videos on several video sharing sites and get even more traffic to your videos.

This is just one of many simple and effective methods on how to get traffic to your website.

Source by Gregor Rojko

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