Broward County Public Records – How to Locate Broward County Public Records

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Tracing Broward County public records has never been easier. Whereas before you always had to go down to the county courthouse and sift through mountains of paperwork. Now all it takes is a few strokes on your computer. And the process of locating these items is so easy, even someone who is not computer savvy can do it.

By going to the Broward County Public Records Bank website, you can have access to millions of records in Broward County. Registration is not required unless you plan to use the site regularly. You can perform a search for Broward County by using any one of the following data: name, phone number, address, range of dates, book with page number, date the document was recorded, or the document number.

As you pursue your quest for Broward County public records, you can quickly and easily view all of the information from the comfort of your computer. In fact, you can even print as many copies as needed for free. There is no need to fight traffic or waste your gas running to the courthouse. However, if you need a certified copy, you will have to get it done in person or via mail and you will have to pay a nominal charge for the copy, certified or otherwise.

Tons of public records from Broward County can be located online including anything dealing with the transfer of real property, such as deeds, mortgages and liens. The most requested Broward County records are background checks, reverse phone number lookups, birth records, death records, marriage records, divorce records and genealogy records. You will not find in any search of public records Broward County active pleadings from civil or criminal cases. However, you will be able to find final judgment records. If you need to see any pleadings you will have to visit the courthouse.

If you have any questions in your search, you can contact the Broward County Records Division. They can be contacted by mail, phone, e-mail or in person. You should note, however, that an e-mail address is considered public record under the state laws of Florida. So if you e-mail the county for any reason, your email address will become public.

The ability to view and print public records from Broward County for free is a benefit that many counties are beginning to offer. That is why it is simple and smart to complete all of your business online.

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