Being Financially Prepared – No Matter What

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Everyone needs money, there are always bills and taxes to pay. Even if you stay home much of the time. you’ll;likely spend money. even if that involves putting a stamp on an envelope.

You should aim to hold on to as much cash as you can though. you can cash a savings bond, for example. or move some cash from one account to another, but best of all

Set up a separate savings account in your bank for emergencies. Then leave it alone! Don’t even think of withdrawing money from that account unless you desperately need it And when you need it, you will only need some of it to tide you over. A friend of mine didn’t save and wound up with 6 dolls to her name.

Get one or two gigs or jobs that will provide snd supplement your regular income/ To be sure, that money might not be very much, but it could grow and even provide extra money to save or spend.

Realize that if you apply for part time or temporary jobs. the application process will take time, as other people may be applying for those same jobs But find jobs that match your experience and talent and apply no way. Remember that it may take a year or longer to land a job.

Invent a job that is needed and based on your background and talents Can you repair things? Fix broken things? Cook? Bake? Teach? Drive? Troubleshoot computers or other electronic equipment? Program? Translate languages? Do handicrafts? Or combine these abilities to land a gig or start a business with little or no competition? By a; means, go for it! You may wind up making a 6-figure income

Start getting a gig as soon as possible to save time and earn some money. Start by brainstorming things that people need and will buy. Solve a common problem by offering a service that addresses it. Such as putting on puppet shows at children’s parties. Also try auditioning for a part or try modeling.[;eneedandwillbuySolveacommonproblembyofferingaswevicethataddressesitSuchasputtingonpuppetshowsatchilfren’spartiesAlsotryauditioningforapartortrymodeling

Access and adjust your spending and saving in the meantime Working a side gig or job often takes more time than you think. So avoid spending on impulse. Buy only what you need. Remember that prepared items cost more. And that nice tee shirt or jeans will take room in your closet. You will control clutter at the same time!

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