Bank of America Loan Modification – More Flexible Than You May Think

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Getting a Bank of America loan modification is a bit of a hassle and can take quite some time. But as the largest financial institution in the United States and one of the biggest lenders for prime and sub-prime mortgages, they do offer a wide variety of modification packages. However; It’s difficult to receive any sort of loan modification assistance from Bank of America.

The first thing anyone who is going to request a Bank of America loan modification should do is to speak to their loss mitigation department to:

– Let them know you are going to opt for loan modification.

– Get the modification requirements

When speaking to the Bank of America representative over the phone, they may present you with multiple options and programs for loan modification. There are a variety of options available for almost any financial situation and budget, although you may not qualify for every option.

As with getting loan modification with any lender, a borrower must be going through times of financial hardship in order to receive a modification on their mortgage. While being in financial hardship may seem like enough to the borrower, Bank of America needs to be sure that after the modification the borrower will be able to afford the monthly mortgage payments after they receive their lower interest rate. Because of this, the application sent in must portray that the borrower has a plan ready to budget their monthly income and accommodate the new payments.

Failure to prove they will have their finances under control almost always ends in disqualification.

When filling out the Bank of America loan modification application, homeowners should be absolutely sure not to make any mistakes, as they can also end up in disqualification. Writing a professional hardship letter to send along with the application is a must as well, and sending in any documents requested when speaking to the loss mitigation department will speed up the process and increase approval chances.

Bank of America offers programs that can drastically affect a mortgage. There are the normal lower interest rate modifications, but there are programs that reduce the principal and others that can change adjustable sub-prime rates to regular, more moderate rates. The options are not endless, but the ones that are available can assist any of their borrowers who need it.

A Bank of America loan modification is fantastic for those who can’t afford their mortgage due to interest rates, but the loan modifications don’t help with homes whose value has fallen drastically. Speaking to the loss mitigation department can also yield solutions for those homeowners as well.

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