Auto Transport Business Started By Fired Ex-Banker

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Ever have a story that you felt compelled to share? This story is very different and it’s time it is told.

With twenty plus years of experience in banking, loans and customer service; she got fired! Yes, fired for taking a firm stand for ethics and morals within the workplace.

If I were a betting kind of woman, which I’m not; I’d bet you are wondering how that story came about. You may also wonder how she remained happy; continued to smile; and managed to get through it maintaining her health.

One thing is for sure. When you believe from your core that honesty, integrity and your customers’ needs come first; there is nothing, no money on earth worth jeopardizing that trust and those principles.

Recap of those twenty plus years…

Straight from high school she entered the world of customer service and banking. A passion for the professional atmosphere and serving others made her feel worthy, complete. The love for working with people fulfilled something that couldn’t be found anywhere else. Each new position she learned, mastered and taught provided the stepping stone for the next promotion.

Office politics was not an area of ​​strength for her. Actually she failed miserably when it came to sucking up to the office superiors. By keeping right to the training manual and completing all tasks as assigned her passion for the job deepened. When tasks were completed, rather than stand around like others, she would volunteer to help someone else. There was always something to learn. A new skill to perfect or another customer to serve. Being idle was never something she was good at, ever.

Looking back, the first stand on ethics surfaced when she was a teller. Suggesting to an elderly customer that she should move her money from an account that earned zero to an account that earned a minimal interest; led to be a wrong decision. The supervisor on watch was standing behind her watching, listening.

After the customer left, it was evident, a conference was in order. As an employee of the bank, the primary focus was to make them money…not the customer. No longer were employees to offer advice to customers unless it was in the banks best interest; their bottom line in business, profits.

Feathers were more than ruffled, this employee was ticked off. It was only a short while and the signed resignation was submitted. People just can’t work like that. If it weren’t for customers there wouldn’t be a need for the bank! All she could think of was her grandmother…what if those little customers were her. How would you want your grandmother to be treated?

Fast forward…

Years later the ideal job came along, or so she thought. Leaving the safe walls of banking behind her, mortgage broker lending came into her life.

It didn’t take long to find out that this was not where her heart belonged either. All of the schmoozing that went on; behind the closed door activity. Yes, you know what that means.

An environment that was very uncomfortable and that she was unaccustomed to turned into a living nightmare. The stress level was so intense. There were no ethics, morals or loyalty exchanged…it was all out dollars and cents. That is not sense…it is cents!

The long and short of it was this. The crap (pardon my French) that the office had to put up with at that place of employment was more than any one human being should ever be asked to endure.

Customers were not the focus in this business; it was the almighty dollar, it was dollar-centric. It didn’t matter what you had to say, do or make happen; the bottom line was month end numbers and closings were most important. This was their idea of ​​a healthy business model.

As activity was documented all of the “interaction” going on in the office; how it affected her work, the attitudes and customers’ pocketbook; it was known that it wouldn’t be a pretty outcome when the information was disclosed.

Approaching the owner of the business wasn’t easy, but the work environment was so miserable, it had to be done. As the facts were presented it became very clear that a huge move had been made by the unhappy woman, an even bigger mistake. The owner informed her that those occurrences were none of her business. It shouldn’t affect her work performance.

When all was said and done; at the end of the day all we have to take home with us is our integrity. Our moral character is hard wired in us. The friendships we’ve built over the years are those that are built with trust. If we violate those trusts we have nothing left, period.

And so the story goes…

The reason she fired her – non-compatibility and lack of performance to office business standards. Thank God! That was one of the hardest days she’d ever had to endure, but one of the happiest, too.

When she thinks of those customers who to this day are reeled in by the unethical business practices of that company. They think they are making wise decisions for their financial future. Instead they are being led to the slaughter. They are being set up for sure failure; financial devastation looming on the horizon.

The sleep she got that night enabled her to build a solid client base in her auto transport business. Honesty, integrity and ethical business practices are the foundation for that company.

Clients come first and foremost. Sure there are guidelines and rules set by law. Everyone knows what they are and why they are in place. The rules are followed by all parties. Fair is fair. That makes for a healthy auto transport business.

If you are honest-hearted, you care and give to your customers 100%; then you can sleep at night. When you can wake up the next day to vibrant good health; and prosperity in your auto transport business that is what life is all about.

Source by Carla Gardiner

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