A Western Gunslinger Halloween

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America is famous for its tradition of the Western gunslinger. Legends abound surrounding such Western gunslinger figures as Buffalo Bill (Cody), Jesse James, Wild Bill Hickock (real name James Butler) and Wyatt Earp.

Buffalo Bill is reputed to have killed 5,000 buffalo in order to fulfill an order for meat to feed Kansas Pacific Railway workers, but is probably better known for his Wild West Show.

Jesse James was famous for leading a gang who habitually held up banks, trains and stage coaches for profit and without worrying about who they injured or killed in the process.

Wild Bill Hickock was renowned for such feats as being able to part the hair on a man’s head with a bullet, shooting dead two men while they were running in opposite directions and other somewhat embellished tales of daring and marvelous marksmanship.

Wyatt Earp was the law enforcer of Kansas frontier towns but best known for his involvement in the Gunfight at the OK Corral. He later turned his hand to running a saloon serving those tempted to Alaska during the Gold Rush and ultimately took up prospecting himself.

If you love the tales of the Wild West and want to emulate one of your Western gunslinger heroes, then what better time to do it than Halloween?

Kit yourself out in a Western gunslinger costume complete with long dark brown coat and tan waistcoat with engraved buttons red bandanna and holster. Complete the outfit with jeans and cowboy boots and accessorize with a cowboy hat. Oh and don’t forget the gun for your holster of course.

Alternatively, if you see yourself more as the bounty hunter type get the waistcoat and full length black coat or how about the poncho, waistcoat and shirt of the wandering Western gunslinger? You’ll need a hat and a rifle to go with these as well as jeans.

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